Vector and Lauterbach partner on XCP protocol software debugging solution

Vector and Lauterbach partner on XCP protocol software debugging solution

To accelerate automotive software development, Vector and Lauterbach have launched a solution that provides uniform access to automotive ECUs for measurement, calibration and debugging.
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The ECU debug connector is often hard to access and does not cope well with frequent disconnect/reconnects when switching between MC and debug tools. The new solution from the two companies is based on the 2017 ASAM standard “Software Debugging over XCP” which had both partners as active participants in its development.

The VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware from Vector enables accessing internal data of development-level ECUs and near-production ECUs. Data rates of more than 100 MByte/s can be achieved over the entire automotive temperature range in test vehicles. The XCP slaves of the VX1000 hardware enable connection to the CANape measurement and calibration tool or to other tools with a standards compliant XCP master, such as Lauterbach’s TRACE32 debugger, which gets access – over the XCP slave – to the ECU and the debugging interface connected to it. The debugging configuration operates without any extension of the ECU software. Here, the TRACE32 XCP master provides the same debugging features as a hardware-based TRACE32 debugger.

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