vConnect OTA solution for vehicles

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By Ally Winning

vConnect provides a consistent and modular OTA framework, from the back end to vehicle. A vConnect Evaluation Bundle is available to help developers get started quickly.

vConnect has been designed to offer a modular framework for OTA software updates (SOTA) and live diagnostics. The vConnect framework can be used as a foundation for the creation of custom OTA applications. Integrated end-to-end security functions ensure the resulting applications are protected from the very start of the design. The framework has also been designed to allow easy integration into existing business systems.

The vConnect Evaluation Bundle is immediately available, to allow every user to directly take advantage of the vConnect OTA solution in practical applications. The VN8810 diagnostic hardware can be easily connected to the vehicle through the OBD interface. It offers a secure communication channel to the back end. This secure channel allows new software updates to be loaded onto the vehicle and the defined diagnostic sequences to be executed.

Developers can request access to the vConnect Evaluation Bundles through the Vector website. The vConnect Evaluation Bundle features the VN8810 diagnostic hardware with the vConnect vehicle components and access to the personalized back end instance in the Vector Cloud.

Vconnect also allows established Vector offboard diagnostic and flash tools to be quickly integrated into a consistent OTA platform that can support both offboard and onboard applications.

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