UltraSoC joins AESIN to push automotive safety and security

UltraSoC joins AESIN to push automotive safety and security

UltraSoC has joined AESIN (the Automotive Electronics Systems Innovation Network) to help create secure automotive systems with embedded monitoring capabilities.
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The technology will verify that products function securely and safely in the lab, and it can also be provide monitoring while the production system is in use.

UltraSoC’s embedded analytics products have dedicated hardware that can detect security problems more quickly and reliably than software techniques.

AESIN is a UK initiative that has been created to accelerate the development of electronic systems for automotive applications and infrastructure. Security is one of the Network’s key workstreams, with a specific Automotive Electronics Security group.

UltraSoC recently published a white paper on the development of safety-critical systems for automotive applications: “ISO26262 and ISO21434 – Cybersecurity and functional safety, the case for embedded analytics”. The paper looks at how UltraSoC’s monitors and analytics help SoC developers in automotive applications to ensure safety and meet standards (e.g. ISO26262) and enhance cybersecurity (e.g. the upcoming ISO21434 standard).

UltraSoC’s embedded analytics can operate without interfering with the operation of the main system. Being hardware-based it can respond quicker than conventional solutions. Unexpected or anomalous CPU transactions can be immediately flagged or blocked.

The company’s lockstep solution supports any processor type and is specifically targeted at safety-critical applications such as those in automotive system design. It is a hardware-based, scalable solution that helps functional safety by checking that the processors are operating reliably, safely and securely.

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