u-blox helps connected padlock provide real-time tracking

u-blox helps connected padlock provide real-time tracking

u-blox technology is at the heart of a new connected GPS padlock launched by India-based Play Inc.
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The lock, which can also act as a location tracker, uses the u-blox MAX-M8Q GNSS receiver, as well as u-blox’ CellLocate service to extend positional information to indoor locations. u-blox NINA-B112 modules enable Bluetooth low energy, and 2G, 3G and 4G cellular communication between users and the lock.

The Play Inc i-Lock is tough and offers a variety of access methods, including physical keys and keyless approaches using remote GPRS and SMS passwords as well as Bluetooth low energy or cloud-based communication via mobile device apps. In the event that the padlock is forcefully opened the operator is notified.

The lock’s GNSS receiver lets users track goods in transit. The i-Lock supports a variety of tracking modes to optimize power consumption for increased autonomy.

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