Transistor arrays cut losses, at up to 50V/500 mA

Transistor arrays cut losses, at up to 50V/500 mA

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Toshiba Electronics Europe is adding 11 products to its line-up of new-generation transistor arrays equipped with DMOS FET outputs, capable of delivering high-voltage, large-current drive up to 50V/0.5A. Typical applications include driving motors, relays, LEDs, and level shifters for control communication lines.
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Current products are mainly High-active (H-active) type products where the output is turned on when the input is high. Toshiba is now adding Low-active (L-active) products where the output is turned on if the input is low. With an open-drain configuration, L-active products are suited to level shifters for control and communication lines in industrial equipment and home appliances.


Toshiba is also adding the TBD62381A series, which reduces power consumption by modifying the characteristics of the TBD62083A series. The next generation transistor arrays in the TBD62XXX series reduce power by approximately 40% when compared to the TD62XXX series.


The devices offer two output types: a source output for switching power supplies and a sink output used for ON / OFF control. Dynamic control of LED matrices can be achieved by combining source and sink output types.


Outlines include DIP packages; SOL packages that support surface mounting, and SSOP packages with 0.65 mm pin pitch.


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