Tracealyzer 4.3 adds features and improves performance

Tracealyzer 4.3 adds features and improves performance

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A provider of software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT, Percepio has released version 4.3 of its Tracealyzer, with new features for state machine analysis, stack usage analysis for Amazon FreeRTOS and major performance improvements when working with large traces.
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A new Interval Details view provides a much better overview of state machines and other custom intervals in the trace. This works just like for tasks and events, with a double-click on an entry in an Interval field. When recording really long traces, several hours or more, users will appreciate faster loading times for specific sections from the Trace Preview, thanks to improved indexing. This allows developers to work effectively also with very large traces. Finally, the new stack usage analysis allows users to see the highest stack usage of each FreeRTOS task, and over long tests. This means you can optimize the stack size and free up RAM for new features. Soon, stack monitoring will be supported in the field, via an upcoming Device Firmware Monitor service. Version 4.3 also brings improvements of the trace view, as well as data exporting. All point graph views, like the User Event Signal Plot, now allows for exporting to CSV files that can be imported in many other applications, such as spreadsheets. This can be used for e.g. sensor readings logged as User Events, task response times, memory allocations, or the duration of custom intervals between any two events in the trace.

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