Switch on (and off) with this power generating device

Switch on (and off) with this power generating device

Compact Energy Harvester SPGA Series from Alps Electric Europe now available at TTI, Inc.
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The SPGA Series is a compact power-generating device employing electromagnetic induction to generate power with each push or release. Combined with external low-power wireless technology, the device can function as a switch. It can be installed away from the main board, for example in places where connection to a power source, or a battery replacement is difficult. The product is ideal particularly for frequently operated equipment. The main target applications are remote-control for ceiling lights and outdoor lights as well as gate open/close, open/close operation detection of a door/locker or emergency call button.

Technical details of the SPGA Series Energy Harvester include a long operating life of one million cycles, compact dimensions of only 17.5mm × 23mm × 17.9mm, as well as sufficient power generation – more than 170μJ for each action (press or return). In addition, the component also features excellent operational feeling with a specified operating force of 6±1.5N.

Now available in Europe through TTI Europe  – https://www.ttieurope.com

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