Stepping motor driver cuts noise and vibration

Stepping motor driver cuts noise and vibration

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TB67S209FTG is a stepping motor driver with an architecture that lowers noise and vibration, for use in high-speed, high-performance motor control in office automation, banking terminals and home appliance applications.
By Graham Prophet


Efficient operation with accurate current control is key, Toshiba says, to reducing noise and vibration in stepper motor applications. This device employs Mixed Decay Mode (MDM), a current adjustment function, tht enables the control of the current and current change to the stepping motor by selecting the most appropriate setting for the target motor. Mixed decay mode is selectable from 12.5%, 37.5%, 50% and 100% fast decay. The driver is rated at 50V maximum with typical 0.49-Ω on-resistance MOSFETs for the motor output, for maximum current rating of 4A.


The TB67S209FTG has step resolutions of full, half, quarter, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32, with integrated error detection signal output function, and provides thermal shutdown, over-current shutdown and under voltage lock out protection. Power-on sequencing support is a standard feature.


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