ST and maxon work together on precision motor control

ST and maxon work together on precision motor control

STMicroelectronics and maxon have announced that they are working together to quicken robotics applications and industrial servo drive designs.
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The two companies will show off a new jointly developed servo control kit at the sps 2019 exhibition, this week in Nuremberg.

The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 has been designed to help users develop new designs with precise positioning and high-end motion in servo drives and robotics. The kit contains a maxon 100-Watt BLDC motor with built-on 1024-pulse incremental encoder. The motor ensures provides fine control even at low rotor speeds.

The servo control board in with the kit uses the ST STSPIN32F0A intelligent 3-phase motor controller and a complete inverter stage designed with ST power transistors ready for connection with the motor. Motor-control firmware is also included, allowing projects to get off the ground quickly and simply.

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