Speech synthesis IC for quality ADAS and AVAS

Speech synthesis IC for quality ADAS and AVAS

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LAPIS Semiconductor, part of the Rohm group of companies, has launched a series of automotive speech synthesis ICs.
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The ML2253x series has been designed for audible notifications and sound effects in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System). The speech synthesis ICs feature innovative technology as well as provide features that bring better safety and increased flexibility for applications. In turn, these fatures will lead to a reduction in overall system costs and simplified hardware and software design.

“ROHM is embracing the growing market and increased safety demand by the auto makers for reliable voice and sound generation systems,” says Stefan Drouzas, Senior Application Marketing Manager at ROHM Semiconductor GmbH.

The devices use a new compression method (HQ-ADPCM), which offers higher-quality audio playback that uses less memory resources for storing audio data.

The range also has an integrated Sound Continuity Detection feature that re-digitizes the analog speaker output signal and compares it with the playback data stored in the internal or external memory. The main MCU then receives feedback in the case that the data has exceeded a predefined value, for example if the audio skips. In addition, a number of essential protection functions are also integrated, including short-circuit, high-temperature, and command transfer error detection.

To increase the flexibility of development, memory content can be updated through the main MCU, when connected to a communication network.

LAPIS Semiconductor will also launch the SDCK3 development tool to allow developers to create voice data and prepare, write, and listen to ROM data stored in the LAPIS Semiconductor speech synthesis ICs. Paartnering the SDCK3 with an optional reference board allows comprehensive evaluation for both hardware and software.
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