Software development and test tool for cyber-physical systems

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By Ally Winning

CANoe4SW is designed to be used throughout the development process for all applications which use distributed systems and IoT devices. In virtual execution environments on the PC, in virtual machines or in the cloud, high-quality software cn be developed for target operating systems based on Windows or Linux.

CANoe4SW is a complete tool for development, test, and analysis of software in cyber physical systems. The tool can be used to test a single software component, a subsystem or the entire distributed system. Developers in all markets can easily use CANoe4SW in every stage of the full development process of distributed systems and IoT devices. Virtual execution environments on the computer, in virtual machines, or in the cloud allow software to be tested for any target operating system.

CANoe4SW is designed to provide easy access to the System Under Test by using functional system interfaces at a software level. “Black-box” SIL testing can be done independently of hardware availability early in the process. CANoe4SW easily integrates into CI/CT environments. The tool also offers support for connectivity protocols like MQTT to offer access to IoT devices and back end software running in the cloud.

CANoe4SW can support early stage testing of the development process through virtual execution environments. The tool makes complex systems become more manageable by isolating individual components using models for the physical and software environments. CANoe4SW can be used for the stimulation and monitoring of values over time to address the dynamic aspects of the software under test. Virtual execution environments provide better error detection options in the development environment. Independence of hardware and other software components also allows the use of CI/CT environments from the start. Automated testing is also a key feature of CANoe4SW.

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