Social distancing wristwatch uses UWB technology

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By Ally Winning

The wearable solution has been based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. Renesas licensed UWB technology from 3db Access AG and since then has incorporated it into its microcontrollers MCUs.

The platform uses the Renesas Synergy S128 MCU that offers HMI capacitive touch and uses the licensed secure ranging UWB technology. Renesas’ UWB chipset with Low Rate Pulse (LRP) operates on 10 times lower power consumption than competing UWB chips based on other technologies like Bluetooth. The wristwatch can measure distances with an accuracy of 10cm or less. The safe distance is user-configurable and the device alerts the user with LEDs and haptic feedback when another device is detected within this range.

Co-developer and system integrator, Altran will use the UWB-based platform beside other internal assets for the development of other wearable solutions for social distancing and location-based applications for clients. The social distancing wristwatch will be showcased in Altran’s innovation lab.

“After months of global pandemic shutdowns, people will want to feel safe when they return to work, school and social settings in close proximity to others. I’m pleased our collaboration with Altran is about responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with the first LRP UWB social distance wristwatch solution,” said Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President, Head of MCU Business, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “Renesas plans to expand to more use cases in the future such as access control, asset tracking and geofencing.”

“This has been a unique and rewarding project, collaborating with Renesas to bring the first LRP UWB-based social distancing wristwatch to market,” said Scott Houghton, President of Altran’s Semiconductor & Electronics, Industrial & Consumer business. “We’re excited to introduce this platform to other markets; its form factor, power efficiency and accuracy make it an excellent fit – in both COVID and non-COVID applications– across our vertical industries.”

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