Smartphone-based workplace tools measure temperature, moisture

Smartphone-based workplace tools measure temperature, moisture

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Distributor Conrad Business Supplies has added a group of devices called Phone Works, made by power tool manufacturer Ryobi, that carry out a number of physical measurements with control and readout via smartphone - Android or iPhone - apps.
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Phone Works comprises five different measurement tools which can be quickly connected to a smartphone and then controlled by a single app, for technicians, engineers and MRO specialists working in the field. The measurement kits available from Conrad comprise: the RPW-3000 moisture meter; the RPW-5000 inspection scope; the RPW-2000 infrared thermometer, the RPW-1650 laser level and the RPW laser rangefinder. Coded RPW-9000, a secure transport case provides a light-weight, tidy and durable solution for carrying up to five of the measuring tools.

Connecting via the 3.5mm audio jack on either an Android or iPhone, Ryobi Phone Works devices transform these smartphones into smart measuring tools, without the bulk and inconvenience of transporting individual pieces of equipment. The free app, available through iTunes or Google Play, makes it easy to store data, capture high resolution images and videos, geo-tag locations and send information through the phone’s messaging or email services.

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