Smart gate driver photocoupler with improved desaturation sensing

Smart gate driver photocoupler with improved desaturation sensing

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Toshiba Electronics Europe’s TLP5214A is a smart gate driver photocoupler for driving medium power IGBTs and power MOSFETs, in designs such as industrial inverters, solar energy inverters, air conditioner inverters and servo amplifiers.
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The TLP5214A’s features include desaturation leading edge blanking time, filtering time, and optimization of soft turn-off performance, that can help in suppressing short-time pulse noise during switching and desaturation sensing. There is a DESAT leading edge blanking time of 1.1 μsec (typ.) and a DESAT filter time of 90 nsec (typ.). The soft turn-off time of 7 μsec is double that of its predecessor.


The TLP5214A operates from a 15 to 30V supply and is able to deliver a peak output current of ±4.0A (Max.). The short propagation delay of 150 nsec (with ±80 nsec skew) supports use in high-speed applications. TLP5214A is housed in a SO16L package with a maximum height of 2.3 mm, which meets the requirements of all major safety standards. Its isolation voltage is 5000 Vrms and the minimum creepage / clearance distances is 8.0 mm.






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