Simple, small, affordable driver IC for dimmable LED retrofits

Simple, small, affordable driver IC for dimmable LED retrofits

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Ikon Semiconductor has introduced a digital controller IC technology for the dimmable LED retrofit market. The technology is designed to meet cost and performance standards for today’s LED lighting products, while also enabling greater design simplicity for bulb manufacturers and OEMs. Central to the IC’s value is an innovative digital architecture that eliminates costly components – a benefit that reduces the form factor and improves reliability.
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The IKS2053, Ikon Semiconductor’s first serial product, matches the efficiency of comparative two-stage architectures, but with up to 25 percent fewer components. With broad dimmer compatibility and a compact size, the IC offers a better fit for LED bulb retrofits than larger, more complex solutions currently available.

A key advantage of the solution is that it eliminates the need for opto-couplers and electrolytic capacitors – standard components that add complexity to the module and can hinder reliability. This is made possible by the proprietary digital control algorithms in Ikon Semiconductor’s single-stage design. Moreover, the solution allows OEMs to decide the optimum trade-off between the amount of PFC (power factor correction) they need and the amount of ripple the design can tolerate. This capability simplifies the design process for bulb manufacturers, and relieves a further cost burden.

In a sector dominated by companies that produce AC-DC controller ICs for diverse applications in many markets, Ireland-based Ikon Semiconductor stands out for its singular focus on digital controllers for SSL applications.

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