Simple, accurate and hygienic way to continuously record body temperature

Simple, accurate and hygienic way to continuously record body temperature

SteadySense’s femSense technology provides an innovative and smart temperature measuring solution for medical applications in the form of an adhesive patch.
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Along with the circuit logic, the femSense smart sensor system comprises a temperature-sensitive fully integrated sensor. The thermometer patch is applied under the armpit and is activated using a smartphone. The high-tech patch measures and then continuously saves current body temperature values at specified time intervals. Values can also be read using an NFC capable smartphone, then analyzed and displayed in a specially developed app.

The initial application for femSense technology focuses on calculating ovulation based on the user’s basal body temperature. The femSense patch measures temperature continuously, allowing a precise temperature curve to be calculated, increasing reliability.

The one-time use of the adhesive patch minimizes infection risks. In addition to the sensor patch, SteadySense also provides the app and all interfaces to the central database. femSense is an ISO 13485 certified medical product.

The femSense patch is based on circuitry using a flexible PCB from AT&S that fits comfortably on the wearer’s body.

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