Sensor package demonstrates sensing technologies and Bluetooth LE connectivity

Sensor package demonstrates sensing technologies and Bluetooth LE connectivity

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EBV Elektronik’s sensorTAG demonstration kit features the sensorTAG, a battery-powered sensor hub, and a USB-to-BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) nanoDONGLE measuring 9 x 17 mm.
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sensorTAG provides an industry-standard sensor portfolio (suppliers include STMicroelectronics, Freescale, and TI) combined with TI BLE connectivity, and includes EBV system knowledge and support for related software and hardware. A NXP humidity/light sensor is also featured as demonstration device.

The Sensors chosen by EBV represent a complete range enabled for low power operation and are either established volume products in the industry, or bring innovative features for the latest applications. The selected products are either MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer; or relative humidity plus light sensor, and thermopile (contactless IR temperature measurement) enabling an important range of physical parameter monitoring.

BLE is an increasingly adopted standard for sensor-based applications, and with the recent official Android BLE support on top of the already implemented Apple IOS, BLE is becoming highly attractive to the consumer & medical markets, mainly due to its low power capabilities and associated low cost, EBV finds.

Some of the new technologies include the relative humidity, ambient light and temperature sensor from NXP (SEN300 – only as a demonstration device); and an RF balun for TI CC254x from STM (BAL-CC25-01D3), simplifying the RF design and limiting design issues with impedance-matching problems.

EBV sensorTAG monitor enables easy start-up and the ability to demonstrate all board features, while support of TI BTool enables deeper BLE protocol analysis.

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