Self-aligning, floating board-to-board connector offers +/- 0.6mm margin

Self-aligning, floating board-to-board connector offers +/- 0.6mm margin

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Hirose has designed a board-to-board connector with a highly reliable floating contact mechanism and self-alignment structure that simplifies assembly.
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Providing ±0.6mm float in the X and Y axis directions, the FX20 Series absorbs mounting misalignment from multiple stacking connectors as well as PCB shrinkage caused by high temperatures.
Suited for industrial and vehicle applications, the FX20 Series has a highly reliable double beam contact structure that provides high shock and vibration resistance. Each contact beam has a different vibration characteristic and a different contact force, which widens the frequency range and reduces resonance. In this unique design, the first beam has a 0.5N contact force, while the second beam has a 0.35N contact force. The FX20 Series is resistant to sulphur dioxide, and operates in environments up to 105 C, with thermal shock protection from -40 C to +85 C for up to 1000 cycles.

The double beam contact structure also provides self-cleaning. The first beam eliminates dust from the contact path, securing an ultra-reliable contact path for second beam. The contacts of both the header and receptacle are also enclosed in the housing, which provides advanced protection against dust. The connector has a compact 0.5 mm pitch design that delivers a 0.5 Amp current per pin capacity, it requires only 120 positions to carry 60 Amps versus 200 positions from competing technologies.

The connector is offered in a parallel stacking version with stacking heights of 15, 20, 25 and 30mm, as well as a right-angle mating type. Both types are available from 20 to 140 positions, and range from 17.4mm to 47.4mm in width.
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