Secure-by-design IoT at the edge

Secure-by-design IoT at the edge

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Adlink Technology and Entrust Datacard have established a new partnership to solve one of the most significant barriers to adoption of the Internet-of-Things (IoT): Security. The two companies will collaborate on the creation of an Industrial IoT (IIoT) security model, enabling secure communication for data streams throughout the entire IoT value chain – from manufacturing and applications, to endpoints and edge devices.
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The partnership will integrate Entrust Datacard’s ioTrust Security Solution into Adlink’s Vortex Edge solution. The enhanced joint solution can quickly operationalize systems and things securely for every endpoint, application, container and data stream. The integration will ultimately provide customers with established and secure trusted identities across their IoT ecosystems from the discovery phase to full roll out of their IoT deployments.
This joint solution will also be included as part of Adlink’s Digital Experiments-as-a-Service (DXS), which has been designed to test and assess the effectiveness of an IoT solution design, strategy, organizational compatibility, and financial return. Organizations looking to develop secure by design Edge IoT projects can now proceed with confidence knowing that they can try a number of scenarios without large upfront costs, as DXS is typically offered as a three-month engagement including access to a comprehensive suite of Vortex Edge microservices supported by an ecosystem of market leading partners, which negates the need for building bespoke complex systems. Together, Adlink and Entrust Datacard will control the flow of data between applications, in the cloud and on the edge of IoT environments. The partnership will also enable secure communication for data streams at the edge – while at rest, in motion and in use – with an enhanced level of granularity not seen in other solutions. Furthermore, this level of specificity will allow customers to control, monitor and even monetize unique data streams.
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