SE IoT security technical workshop announced

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The workshop will last the entire day and provide an opportunity to demonstrate why Secure Elements (SEs) can add value to IoT devices and how to quickly and cost effectively integrate into Root of Trust services. The day will start with an SE overview and the latest SE technologies for IoT. Later, the workshop will focus on use cases and demonstrations which expose key IoT security and implementation challenges and how SEs can be used to solve them.

GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, will present the workshop with Oracle’s Senior Director of Java card, Calinel Pasteanu. Oracle will present an in-depth overview of how Java Card technology, as an open and standards-based application engine, delivers security and connectivity services. At the end of the day, the final presentations will look at use cases for multi-cloud authentication and secure communication using Java Card, onboarding technologies, attestation and chip to cloud data protection. For many of these cases, a demonstration and / or source code explanation will be shared.

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