Samsung chooses NXP Secure UWB for Galaxy Note20

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By Ally Winning

NXP and Samsung are both founding members of the FiRa Consortium. FiRa was established in 2019 to boost interoperability and widespread adoption for UWB technology.

“Samsung is integrating NXP’s UWB technology into our latest Galaxy Note20 Ultra to make sharing photos, videos and files easier,” said Inkang Song, Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Group of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “The UWB functionality in our Galaxy devices will help locate items more accurately with AR technology and unlock your home as a digital key that will make life easier for consumers.”

UWB technology provides high accuracy for line-of-site (LoS) and strong localization in non-line-of-sight (nLoS) scenarios. UWB uses angle-of-arrival (AoA) technology to show the direction of a signal, which adds to the precision, and can help locate and identify other devices or objects at centimetre level.

“NXP offers a comprehensive suite of UWB chipsets that span best-in-class security, automotive, IoT and mobile architectures for real-time, precise, localization capabilities across market applications; this has never been more important with mobile devices driving the digitization of identities so people can interact contactless with the world around them,” said Rafael Sotomayor, Executive Vice President and GM, Connectivity and Security at NXP. “In addition to UWB, eSIM is also a new use case enabled in our mobile wallet that provides connectivity options beyond traditional SIM.”

UWB technology offers:

• NXP’s Secure UWB technology provides localization that will make it possible for mobile devices to communicate with other connected devices seamlessly.

• UWB can be part of a system that quickly and securely initializes communication. With NFC onboard, devices can continue to perform contactless transactions even when they ran out of battery.

• NXP’s GSMA-compliant eSIM solution is integrated permanently into a device, making remote SIM provisioning easier and providing OTA SIM updates. An external SIM slot plus eSIM lets users to have two or more phone numbers on a single device. The eSIM functionality comes with all Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra devices, excluding China, Japan, and Korea.

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