RX23E-A MCU starter kit quickens AFE evaluation

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RX23E-A RSSK provides hardware, software, and tools that have been optimized for evaluating the MCU’s high-precision 24-bit delta-sigma (ΔΣ) A/D converter. The RSSK allows users without AFE expertise to evaluate analog characteristics down to the nanovolt level.

The evaluation board features a plug-in terminal block for solderless sensor connection, a thermocouple connector, and the reference junction compensation circuit required for thermocouple measurement applications. Reference thermocouple and weight measurement application software can be downloaded from the Renesas website to allow developers to get to market quickly.

The kit’s GUI tool allows developers to enter and change settings for a variety of AFE and A/D converter parameters, as well as display graphs and histograms of A/D conversion results. The GUI can also provide A/D conversion results in real-time, like an oscilloscope.

Users can connect the evaluation board to an emulator for the development of applications. The board is powered from the USB connection, allowing evaluation and software development to be accomplished using a PC. Driver ICs for RS485 and CAN are also mounted on the evaluation board.

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