Rutronik adds Infineon AEC-Q100 qualified, dual-die, angle sensor

Rutronik adds Infineon AEC-Q100 qualified, dual-die, angle sensor
Rutronik is now stocking Infineon’s TLE5012BD 360° angle sensor, which has been developed to measure angular position in automotive applications including electrical commutated motors, steering angle measurements or general angular sensing.
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The sensor can detect the orientation of a magnetic field by using its monolithic integrated Giant Magneto Resistance (iGMR) elements to measure the sine and cosine angle components of the field. An internal autocalibration algorithm is used to ensure that the sensor measurements remain accurate and stable over the component’s lifetime. The device can measure 360° by using a revolution counter and angle speed measurements. Readings are communicated through bi-directional, SPI compatible Synchronous Serial Communication (SSC) or by using PWM. These readings can include the sine and cosine values.

Two sensors in the package means that the TLE5012BD offers full redundancy. It comes fully pre-calibrated and the calibration parameters are stored in laser fuses. The sensor supports Safety Integrity Level (SIL) with online diagnostic functions and status information.


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