Rugged AI computer integrates Nvidia Jetson processing

Rugged AI computer integrates Nvidia Jetson processing

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Syslogic has developed an AI rugged computer that meets protection class IP67 while supporting GPU-accelerated AI applications such as machine vision.
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The unit uses Nvidia’s TX2i SoM (System on Module) from the Jetson series, which forms the core of the AI Rugged Computer and is perfectly suited for AI applications in real time. Specific examples include object or person recognition, autonomous driving, predictive maintenance, optical authentication, and condition monitoring of machines or vehicles. The electronics and the housing design meet the highest standards in terms of resistance and robustness. This was accomplished through consistent component selection, omission of moving parts, screw-on connectors, and an ultra-rugged housing that is resistant to dust, water and chemicals. A Gore-Tex ventilation module ensures pressure equalization in the housing, thus extending product life and increasing reliability. The AI Rugged Computer is also suitable for the broadened temperature range from –40 to +85 °C at component level. For vehicle use, the computer has an integrated ignition controller and a disturbance-free CAN interface. All AI embedded systems are delivered with a pre-installed Ubuntu board support package (L4T – Linux for Tegra). Additionally, a complete developer environment (JetPack) including CUDA libraries is installed.

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