The TR AEx/3sd-RCx board is intended for inference at the edge applications. It was developed to work in alongside Concurrent Technologies processor boards, such as the TR H4x/3sd-RCx and TR J4x/6sd-Rcx, which are in alignment with the proposed SOSA Technical Standard.

The AI Accelerator Engine receives and processes real-time actionable intelligence from vision, RF or other sensors. TR Aex/3sd-Rcx’s inferencing hardware is supported by Intel’s OpenVINO Toolkit. OpenVINO also supports OpenCV and OpenVX: an open-source library for computer vision applications and an API for heterogeneous computing.

The board supports multiple AI frameworks including Caffe, TensorFlow and MXNet, as well as neural network models like AlexNet and Resnet. The distribution comes with approximately 25 pre-trained models, but also features a model downloader function for developers with their own data model.

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