RGB lighting controller unit is easy to deploy

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By Ally Winning

The lighting control unit has been developed to be easy to install and for designers to implement and upgrade. The unit is compliant with both DALI and DMX digital interface protocols. It can provide users complete control over both the dimming level and colour hue in homes or in workplaces.

The device’s support for the industry standards of DALI/DMX offers designers and users a fully scalable solution that control a larger number of light fixtures than is possible through the use of alternative protocols. The units are capable of addressing up to 512 RGB DMX output channels and up to 64 DALI drivers. This potential to control a wide range of fixtures ensures the smooth dimming and better manipulation of different colour effects. The control units are based on Bridgetek’s FT903Q 32-bit RISC microcontroller units (MCUs), which can operate at speeds of up to 100MHz.

The FCC and CE certified PanL ML units come in a compact (145.7mm x 96.7mm x 29.0mm) enclosure. The units can be easily connected to the PanL Hub through an RS485 serial interface (which provides both power and data). They can also be used with brand new lighting installations or retrofitted to existing ones. Multiple PanL ML controllers can be daisy chained together for larger installations.

PanL Mood Lighting (ML) units are part of Bridgetek’s portfolio of hardware available to support the company’s PanL home/building automation platform.

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