Resistive multi-touch controller works when wet

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By Ally Winning

When the surface is covered, the controller is capable of supporting both two-point and multi-point operation. The device has also been developed to be rugged, and is therefore unaffected by noisy environments.

Both resistive touch and projected (PCAP) touch products offer many advantages. Resistive products have been well established in the marketplace and feature a working principle that relies on pressure. The technology is also unaffected by water and noise interference and features a stable touch operation. The technology has the disadvantage that it only supports single touch operation. Alternatively, PCAP touch products normally can recognize more than two touch signals, but are liable to produce false touch signals if they have been affected by noise and water.

The new Resistive Multi-touch Controller added by RDS is allows the operation of touch screens when the touch surface is covered in water, blood, saline and sea water, and also when the system is in an environment that is susceptible to low-frequency high-voltage noise. It supports two-finger pan, zoom, and rotate gestures featured in Windows OS and Android OS to widen the range of applications forr ewhich it is suitable. Additionally, the PenMount RMT touch controller is able to be used with a stylus and it also supports operation with thick gloves.

Firmware for the PenMount PM6601 is available to add flexibility to the controller. RMT Touch Panel aspect ratios can be broken down into 16:9 and 4:3 and further divided into long side line-out or short side line-out. The firmware provides the ability to switch between different types of panels. It also has the ability to save calibration values internally to used for firmware update and function diagnosis through read commands.

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