Renesas, SiFive to bring high-end RISC-V to automotive

Renesas, SiFive to bring high-end RISC-V to automotive
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Partnership will also include SiFive licensing their industry-leading RISC-V core IP portfolio to Renesas.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Renesas Electronics Corporation and SiFive have announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop next-generation, high-end RISC-V products for automotive applications. The partnership will also include SiFive licensing the use of their RISC-V core IP portfolio to Renesas.

“RISC-V is an important element in providing additional capabilities and options for new and existing customers,” said Takeshi Kataoka, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Automotive Solution Business Unit at Renesas.

“Our roadmap of advanced, high-performance RISC-V processor cores and AI accelerators will deliver significant core performance increases with the capabilities needed to meet automotive application requirements, along with enhanced AI capabilities to power scalable, workload-accelerated solutions,” said Patrick Little, Chairman and CEO, SiFive.

Renesas provides automotive solutions for ADAS, autonomous driving (AD), electric vehicles (EVs), and connected gateways (CoGWs) to customers all over the world by utilizing its diverse portfolio of industry-leading microcontrollers (MCUs) and system-on-chips (SoCs), as well as analog and power products. With a safe, comfortable, and environmentally-conscious society of future mobility in mind, Renesas is exploring the use of next-generation, high-performance RISC-V cores optimized for automotive applications to expand high-end SoC and MCU development capabilities to continue providing innovative and trusted automotive products to customers worldwide.

The SiFive Intelligence platform, based on SiFive RISC-V Vector processors with AI ISA extensions, features a differentiated software toolchain to enable the development of scalable systems for AI and ML applications. SiFive RISC-V processors are pre-integrated with advanced trace, debug, and security compatible with industry tools to simplify heterogeneous integration and migration. The SiFive portfolio is silicon-proven and available in leading and advanced manufacturing foundries, offering flexibility for customers and partners.

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