Renesas releases open-source ventilator system reference design

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There has been a critical shortage of ventilators to tackle COVID-19 infections, which continue to rise and exceed the capabilities of hospitals.

Engineers at Renesas have used available open-source ventilator designs, including the Medtronic PB560, to design a three board ventilator design that is quick and easy to assemble. It is able to control both the tidal volume and mixture of gas delivered to the patient, while monitoring the patient’s status. The ventilator is portable and can be used with or without gas tanks. A humidifier can also be connected to the intake path of the ventilator to soothe the patient’s breathing.

The reference design contains 20 Renesas ICs, including the MCU, power, and analog ICs for many of the ventilator’s signal chain functions. The system design has a sensor board, a motor control board, and also has Bluetooth connectivity to allow the monitoring of several patients simultaneously. Each board has a MCU to control its specific task while monitoring the status of the connecting board. The ventilator solution also has a system of checks and balances to address regulatory approval and provide patient safety.

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