Renesas R-Car gets Android support package

Renesas R-Car gets Android support package
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Renesas Electronics has announced a package for its R-Car automotive systems-on-chip (SoCs). R-Car reference package for Android supports Android 8.0, the latest OS announced by Google on August 22, 2017. This, Renesas says, will help spur connected car development.
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Android 8.0 is the first version of Android OS to include support for functions required in automotive systems. The combination of this OS with Renesas’ robust and secure automotive SoC simplifies development of automotive Android platforms. The R-Car reference package for Android comprises the R-Car reference board and an extension board as hardware environment, and the board support package (BSP) as software support.

The R-Car reference package for Android lowers barrier of entry to the automotive market for software developers who have no experience with automotive systems, while software developers without Android development experience can take advantage of Android’s ecosystem and existing application resources when using the reference package.

Renesas adds that, while application of the OS to areas other than smartphones has been progressing, it has been necessary to customize Android for use in development of automotive systems. The latest Android 8.0 is configured, for the first time, with a framework for automotive application support as a standard component, making it possible to use Android 8.0 for automotive applications out of the box. The high-level cloud services for smartphones will now be available in vehicles.


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