Renesas I3C devices qualified for ASPEED AST2600 BMC

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By Ally Winning

The three devices were qualified for the Renesas AST2600 Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).

Renesas is the first I3C partner that has been chosen for ASPEED’s AST2600 BMC Approved Vendor List (AVL). The list provides an easy migration path for developers who wish to migrate to DDR5 platforms from I2C or other legacy expansion specifications to the high-speed I3C specification.

The Renesas I3C re-driver and expander devices have many features that allow the development of applications efficiently and cost effectively. These features include in-band switching control through I2C/I3C commands, level-shifting capability with master devices working in 3.3V and peripherals working in 1.0V, and reduced BOM costs.

“The BMC SoC AST2600 is our first product to support the I3C interface, and we are glad to work with Renesas to introduce the I3C interface to the server market,” said Chris Lin, Chairman and President of ASPEED Technology. “Renesas’ products and responsive support allow us to complete the I3C interface validation in a short period of time. Through the comprehensive interoperability test between Renesas and ASPEED, our customers will save their design-in efforts and time significantly, hence leading to a win-win situation for all of us.”

I3C is becoming popular as a high-speed host interface bus for use-cases that need faster communication between host and peripheral or slave devices. I3C’s 12.5 MHz speeds offer a huge upgrade over I2C’s 1 MHz speeds.

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