Reference design for battery AI-based human sensing solution

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Designed to bring the sense of sight to IoT products and systems, the jointly developed human-sensing reference design offers the ability to exclusively detect human beings and their activities. This, say the companies, results in reduced false positives and increased cost-effectiveness. The compact unit installs easily, with no infrastructure requirements, and maintains privacy by not storing images.

“Sight-based human sensing is a truly disruptive technology opening up an entire realm of AI opportunities in IoT,” says Roger Lu, President of Chicony. “By integrating Emza’s human sensing capabilities with our advanced camera modules and communications components, we can now enrich products and systems with the intelligence and accuracy they never had before.”

Yoram Zylberberg, CEO of Emza adds, “We are excited about addressing the rapidly growing demand for IoT solutions together with one of the largest original design manufacturers in the world. With its broad product offering and global reach, Chicony is well positioned to extend our visual sensor solution into a host of markets, including security, smart home, smart building, consumer appliance, notebook, automotive and industry.”

The companies are inviting interested parties to see the solution first-hand at Emza Suite 910 in the Westgate Resort during CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

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