RCA chassis socket for audio and video

RCA chassis socket for audio and video

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Lumberg has added a high-performance, tried and tested chassis socket according to JEITA RC-5231 to its program, geared toward relaying signal currents in the wide-ranging audio and video-related fields.
By Julien Happich


The socket will be launched in an angled design for printed circuit boards. The contact base is made of a noteworthy material, notably LCP, V0 according to UL94, which enables higher than usual soldering temperatures. The socket is designed to accommodate rated currents of 2 amps and a rated voltage of 34V DC. The units have been tested to over 5,000 plug cycles with insertion forces under 30N, and tensile forces between 3 and 30N. The 1553 02 RCA connector comes in either a black, white, yellow or red casing, and mates either with STO or XSTO (kink protection) RCA connectors.


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