The program provides a new level to Renesas’ current R-Car Consortium to assist customers in identifying and engaging with partners whose solutions will help accelerate their innovation in the automotive market.

The Proactive Partner Program’s open platform approach provides access to advanced technologies and solutions that help developers overcome their unique development challenges.

14 years ago, Renesas established the initial R-Car Consortium as an open platform environment for the automotive market. The consortium now has 252 partner members. The increasing volume of information meant finding the information required, or the right partner was proving difficult.

To further expand the R-Car Consortium’s activities, Renesas certified 55 Proactive Partner companies for deeper strategic collaberation. The 55 partners were chosen based on three values: “open” (the provision of flexible and diverse development environment using open systems), “innovative” (the ability to provide advanced technologies and solutions that resolve user problems), and “trusted” (the ability to make highly reliable system proposals based on the strength of a proven track record in the automotive business). Customers can use the program to easily vet and determine the optimal partners and solutions best suited to their application, devices, or needs.

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