Quad SPI NOR Flash memory for Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs

Quad SPI NOR Flash memory for Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs

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Aimed applications such as the aerospace and defence market, Macronix' MX66U51235FME feature high performance and extended temperature range operation. The flash memory is optimised for Xilinx 7 Series and UltraScale FPGAs.
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MX66U51235FME is a 512Mb density Quad SPI NOR flash device. It was specifically developed to support a growing number of applications that require high density NOR with 1.8V operating voltage and an extended temperature range from -55°C to 125°C (designated by the “E” in the part number).

Features of the MX66U51235FME-13G include;

512 Mbit Quad SPI NOR

Capable of x1, x2, or x4 input & output

1.75V to 2.0V Vcc for core & I/O voltage operation

Up to 75 MHz READ capability

-55°C to 125°C extended temperature rating

Available in 16-pin SOP package

“Macronix is rated as no. 2 in the NOR Flash market by independent sources… this partnership with Xilinx demonstrates our commitment to our ecosystem partners and our advanced engineering capabilities,” said Ful-Long Ni, Vice President of Marketing at Macronix. “We look forward to further cooperation with Xilinx to create innovative and new memory architectures in the future.”

“Macronix provides configuration flash memory devices that are a companion device for our Defense-grade (XQ) solutions,” said Yousef Khalilollahi, senior director of the aerospace and defense business at Xilinx.

Applicable Xilinx parts include; Xilinx 7 Series and UltraScale – including Artix-7, Kintex-7, Virtex-7, Kintex UltraScale, and Virtex UltraScale – supported by Vivado Design Suite 2015.2 .

Macronix; www.macronix.com

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