PXI reference T&M package for military, public safety, avionics radio comms

PXI reference T&M package for military, public safety, avionics radio comms

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For use with military and public safety radios, Keysight Technologies has assembled a complete hardware, software solution in a single, flexible, scalable chassis: the PXI Reference Solution is a flexible, modular system that allows rapid upgradability.
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The instrumentation handles traditional analogue and digital radio standards, plus next-generation requirement such as LTE, with up to 160 MHz signal generation and analysis bandwidth. Presetned as the first PXI open radio test reference solution and a radio test audio library, Keysight’s Reference Solution enables engineers to quickly evaluate and integrate core radio test measurement capabilities into validation, production or depot test systems.

Designers and manufacturers of new radio equipment face the challenge, Keysight copmments, of combining new technologies – multiple channels and wider bandwidths – with legacy standards that need to be supported over long periods of time. The radio test reference solution provides flexibility, modularity and upgradability to allow new features and increased performance to be added without changing the entire test system.

In addition to traditional analogue and digital radio standards, the reference solution supports standards-based signal creation and analysis for modern communications standards. This includes LTE for next generation public safety radios, which provides wider data bandwidth. It also generates and analyses custom waveforms, and supports advanced capabilities such as spurious emission measurements up to 27 GHz.

Hardware options range from the M9290A CXA-m signal analyser to the high performance M9393A performance vector signal analyser. Software options include Keysight’s X-Series measurement applications, supporting a common set of standard measurements for AM, FM and digital radio, such as APCO P25 and TETRA signals. The M9560A radio test audio library accelerates audio signal generation and analysis.

Keysight; www.keysight.com/find/solution-radiotest

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