PRP Optoelectronics launches website for high performance LED arrays

PRP Optoelectronics launches website for high performance LED arrays

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PRP Optoelectronics has announced the launch of a new Website detailing its capability in the design and manufacture of LED displays and optical systems for avionics, printing, medical, industrial, communications and security markets.
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“The new Website ( offers an interface to our customers, allowing them to browse the full range of our custom and standard products and to see the breadth of our technology capability,” said Robert Green, CEO at PRP Optoelectronics. “We are best known for the wide range of avionics displays we manufacture ‑ for platforms such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, AgustaWestland Lynx, F-16 Fighting Falcon and Airbus A320 – and for optical print heads, but we have now made it easier for customers to find potential solutions for a whole range of applications such as in-sight reticule displays and high-reliability industrial instrument panels.”

A specialist in the design and manufacture of products based on light emitting diode (LED) technology, PRP offers in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities for LED displays, monolithic LED chips, hybrids, systems and related technology for professional and defence applications.

With a background in the military and civil avionics sectors, PRP’s custom LED displays and systems can be found in the flight decks of many of the world’s major aircraft manufacturers, as well as in the instrumentation of many ground-based equipment programmes and in demanding industrial control environments. PRP’s medical light source products are used in photo dynamic therapy (PDT) and the treatment of skin disease. Additionally, specialist monolithic arrays are manufactured and used in a variety of optical system applications. These include weapon sight reticule displays, thermal imaging, optical print heads and optical communications devices.

PRP Optoelectronics’ capability spans the entire breadth of LED device technology. From its own in-house fab, through die-bonding, wire-bonding and packaging, designing the drive electronics, power management and digital circuit design, right up to the programming of firmware, embedded and control software, PRP controls every step of the design and manufacturing process. The result is a unique and flexible service that puts the customer’s needs at the heart of every custom design project, and a product range in which exceptional performance and reliability are built in from chip level upwards.


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