Prototyping system for ASIC and pre-silicon software development

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Corigine has announced production availability of its MimicPro™ prototyping systems based on Xilinx UltraScale™ FPGAs. The Corigine prototyping system delivers an unprecedented level of automation and performance for FPGA based prototyping, accelerating silicon verification and pre-silicon software development at semiconductor companies.

“The Corigine MimicPro system has opened the flood gates to a marvelous new level of functionality for standalone prototyping, making it available for every validation and software engineering desktop,” said Corigine CEO Sheng Lu, “And MimicPro delivers all this without the dependency on high-cost emulation,” he added.

The Corigine MimicPro system functionality includes automated partitioning with system-level view for optimal performance.

“Xilinx FPGAs make it possible for Corigine to deliver features in its MimicPro prototyping system that eliminate, or severely reduce, the need for costly recompilations,” said Chris Stinson, senior director of Test, Measurement and Emulation Markets at Xilinx. “By leveraging the high-speed SelectIO, fast configuration and readback features in Xilinx FPGAs, the MimicPro systems are able to deliver the Corigine FullView™ technology capabilities such as monitoring and force/release that are essential for debugging and functional safety prototyping.”

The MimicPro system brings the scalability needed for the complete line of a semiconductor enterprise’s SOCs and IP and delivers deep local debug capabilities for quicker elimination of bugs. The Corigine MimicPro prototyping system can be deployed in the enterprise as well as over the cloud and has been architected to address the needs of the next generation of SOCs for AI, automotive, communication, processing, vision, and upcoming applications in silicon.

The Corigine MimicPro systems are available as 1, 4 and 32-FPGA systems, with new systems to be announced with greater number of FPGAs.


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