Precision light measurement system with innovative stray light reduction

Precision light measurement system with innovative stray light reduction

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With GL Spectis 8.0, GL Optic offers a light measurement system designed for demanding laboratory usage. The system combines the quality of a highly sensitive CCD sensor with GL Optic's innovative new method for optical reduction of scattered light. The system features high sensitivity, accurate calibration and excellent usability.
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In the system, GL Optic engineers have applied the latest technologies such as silicon transmission diffraction lattice, facilitating very short integration time for highly precise measurements. For its fast operation the GL Spectis 8.0 is ideally suited for process control in high-throughput manufacturing environments. The back-thinned CCD sensor with a resolution of 2048 x 128 pixel and active cooling is offering very high luminescence efficiency across a wide spectral range. Thus, the system produces more exact results at lower noise in the entire spectrum from 300nm to 800nm. Soon, an extended spectral coverage from 200nm to 1000nm will be available. Through its high optical resolution of just 1nm at a measurement interval of 0.33nm, even very narrow-banded luminaires can be measured quickly and with high accuracy.

A special feature for the GL Spectis 8.0 is the OSR system for enhanced stray light reduction. This system involves optical elements, electronics and calculation methods. The optical platform of the system makes use of transmission diffraction lattices since these are more accurate and generate significantly less scattered light than the reflective diffraction lattices used in most spectrometers. In addition, GL Optic uses a band pass filter to control the stray light effects. The remaining stray light is detected through a proprietary method and then compensated for through software. The combination of these OSR measures reduces scattered light already by 80%. The remaining 20% are eliminated through software. With these properties, the GL Spectis 8.0 reaches a quality level otherwise only offered by products at a much higher price.

The vendor offers a broad range of accessories. The 1100mm integrating sphere GL Opti Sphere 1100 for example allows users to characterize LED modules and luminaires according to CIE 127:2007. In addition, the system is designed for display and OLED measurements as well as many other use cases.

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