Portable web server provides browser to any device

Portable web server provides browser to any device

SEGGER has launched emWeb, a portable web server that is written entirely in C to allow it to interface to any type of device, service or software module.
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Being portable allows the devices to be monitored and controlled by any other device that has a browser, meaning that there are no other applications required for the end customer.


HTTP is used as the base of the interface for portability and accessibility. The browser needs no drivers to function on any operating system. The user interface is scalable using HTML, Javascript, Ajax, SSE, Websockets and other languages.


SEGGER uses IP-over-USB technology to allow USB devices to be connected, configured and monitored though emWeb’s user interface. One user interface will work on any device. emWeb uses very little memory, which allows it to be easily used on resource-constrained embedded devices. The same technology is used in SEGGER’s own range of products, which include J-Link, the J-Link PC software, the Flasher and Flasher ATE products.


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