Polish startup harnesses Raspberry Pi for cloud-based automation

Polish startup harnesses Raspberry Pi for cloud-based automation

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With the launch of the ModBerry device, a full fledged industrial computer built around the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, Polish startup Techbase addresses the automation and installation markets, offering multi-leveled user access cloud management.
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The unit is equipped with a 700MHz Broadcom processor, along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB NAND flash storage. It has numerous interfaces, most notably RS 485/232 serial ports, CAN and very economical 1-Wire buses.

But ModBerry also has Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports along with analog audio output. It also provides support for wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi, LTE/3G/GPRS cellular modems or Bluetooth technology. The Device’s capabilities can also be expanded by having up to two internal extension cards installed.
Designed for tough industrial conditions, the module comes in 91x106x61mm aluminium case and operates in the -25 to +80ºC temperature range.

While Raspberry Pi has been around for a few years, ModBerry is backwards compatible with original board and reaps the benefits of organization, community and producer support and millions of documentation pages.

Raspberry supports Raspbian – a free operating system, based on Debian GNU/Linux, which is the most stable Linux distribution available. Nonetheless, Techbase developed software specifically aimed at the automation and installation markets, under its iMod Platform, combining ready to use solutions with no programming knowledge.

A configuration file can be created with a few clicks in the company’s iModWizard tool. Then, remote software updates and configuration can be carried out through iModCloud, a cloud-based environment that provides multi-leveled access to both designers and end users.

Visit Techbase at https://modberry.techbase.eu

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