PoE controller passes IEEE 802.3bt Conformance Tests

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The tests were completed by Sifos Technologies. Compliance test suites run on the Sifos 24-port PSA-3000 PowerSync analyzer with multiple 2-port PSA-3202 test blades and augmented by specialised analysis features validated the LTC4291/92 to IEEE 802.3at (PoE+), the upcoming 802.3bt standard, as well as proprietary specifications.

In-house testing by Analog Devices saw the LTC4291/92 PSE chipset passing a wide variety of tests as the PSA-3000/3202 solution emulated a variety of IEEE 802.3bt PDs (powered devices). Continuous 90W 4-pair PSE loading capability ensured that the PSE could handle 802.3bt’s 71.3W maximum PD power level in either single- signature or dual-signature PD configurations. The LTC4291/92 correctly identified all physical layer classes (up to 5 events) as required by the new Type 3 and Type 4 PDs, as well as the backward compatible Type 1 and Type 2 PDs. For PSEs that use the link layer discovery protocol (LLDP), the PSA-3000/3202 can also emulate and analyse this type of power negotiation.

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