Planar lighting technology outshines OLED

Planar lighting technology outshines OLED

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Global LighZ, a light technology company from Breitungen (Germany), has demonstrated the prototype of a new area light technology based on plasma technology. The technology could well compete with OLEDs, the company says. It generates glare-free light without shadows and aims at applications in movie, TV and photo studios.
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According to Global LighZ, the e3 technology (for energy-efficient excitation) offers significantly higher luminous efficacy than comparable OLED luminaires. The technology, originally developed for display backlight applications, is based on the company’s research in the area of plasma physics and allows the development of custom-made solutions for applications in the investment goods segment that cannot be realized with conventional technologies including OLED. e3 plasma luminaires can generate light throughout the entire light temperature range from 2000K to 10.000K. Hence it also can be used for medical applications, for instance for the therapy of depressive moods my means of bluish light. Since it offers a high CRI, it also can be used in industrial inspection applications, for instance in coating lines or biological labs.

Based on our activities in display applications we have very broad experience in distributing light in areas, explained Global LighZ CEO Klaus Wammes who also invented the 3e technology. "The e3 technology concept shows that huge achievements can be made beyond display technology." He added that the current point in time is favourable to disclose this technology since "many OLED developments fail in practice due to their poor light yield", as Wammes puts it. "With e3 powerflat we prove that we can implement customer-specific lighting solutions based on plasma technology which will remain dreams of the future for OLEDs for a long time".

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