PCIe 3.0/SATA3 combo ReDriver offers linear equalization

By eeNews Europe

The PI3EQX12904A is a robust, multiprotocol linear ReDriver that features a flexible interface and meets current and standby power requirements. The device complies with both PCIe and SATA protocols, presenting a single solution for use in multiple products. The PI3EQX12904A also offers programmable equalization, linear swing, and flat gain capability for optimal performance when using various physical mediums, such as switch fabric, cables, PCB tracks or other connections.

The PI3EQX12904A supports PCIe 3.0 and SATA3 protocols over serial links running at 8Gbps (PCIe 3.0) and 6Gbps (SATA3). It has four 100Ω differential CML data I/O signals and is transparent to link training. Its adaptive power management features include automatic low-power mode with automatic receiver detection.

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