Partnership to improve edge devices’ analysis capability

Partnership to improve edge devices’ analysis capability

ITTIA and RTI will work together on a software solution for real-time data distribution, long-term data storage, and on-demand queries.
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The two companies will combine their capabilities to provide a data connectivity and management solution. ITTIA DB SQL is intended to allow devices to store, manage and analyse data using a relational data management engine. RTI Connext DDS software helps distribute real-time data through high-level APIs that comply with the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. Both of the offerings are cross-platform and offer automatic discovery, allowing for easier integration. The combination of the two products allows RTI Connext DDS to record data streams into a local ITTIA DB SQL database to analyse data, even at the same time as new data is being added. Automatically created database tables allow SQL queries to be performed without the need for new source code. Stored data can then be accessed in a variety of ways, including GUI frameworks and SQL tools.

Security of the data is assisted through RTI Connext DDS’ QoS settings and secure communications protocols. The records stored in the ITTIA DB SQL database file are protected by built-in encryption.

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