Partnership delivers single slot 6U VPX I/O solution

Partnership delivers single slot 6U VPX I/O solution

Concurrent Technologies has worked with Acromag to launch a single slot, stand-alone I/O controller for 6U VPX deployments.
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The solution sees Concurrent Technologies’ XMC processor module placed on an Acromag VPX452x carrier board with space for four additional AcroPack modules. It allows a variety of I/O combinations through the single slot. There are variants of the board for air and conduction cooling for military, aerospace, oil and gas exploration and industrial applications.

The XP B5x/msd XMC processor module has options for a 2-core Intel Core i3-6102E processor or 4-core Intel Xeon processor E3-1505L v5 and supports up to 16 GByte of soldered down DDR4 memory. AcroPack expansion modules are available for FPGA, analogue I/O, digital I/O, Ethernet, timers, serial communications and MIL-STD-1553 I/O. The modules are fully interchangeable.

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