Open hardware platform for direct satellite-to-device communication

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By Rich Pell

The hardware platform, says the company, would be capable of providing a downlink to mobile phones and small devices directly from satellites in orbit, without the use of a satellite dish on Earth or a third-party network. With security inherently built-in, the technology is designed with the blockchain industry in mind and to bring blockchain applications to a global user base.

Designed to be small enough to fit inside any handheld device, the platform, says the company, is affordable and easy to deploy, making it perfect for any company or hobbyist to incorporate. The technology is designed for low-bitrate applications of around 1250 bytes per minute, making it ideal for verifying blockchain hashes and encrypted signatures.

“GPS is a low datarate protocol that has transformed the way we navigate the world and created over $400 billion in equity value,” says Jeff Garzik, SpaceChain Foundation co-founder and CTO. “We want to do the same for emerging digital economies. Adding secure direct downlink and location capability to devices on a robust multi-layer global decentralized infrastructure will bring blockchain to mass adoption.”

This partnership, says the company, also marks the beginning of a number of planned components to support decentralized space hardware and the New Space Economy.

Jeff Dionne, CEO, Core Semiconductor adds, “We look forward to our long-term partnership with SpaceChain as we collectively uncover new possibilities and opportunities with next-generation open-source innovations. This milestone underscores how we can unlock the benefits of the New Space Economy.”

The code for the platform is available on GitHub at and

SpaceChain Foundation
Core Semiconductor

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