Open, code-free AI software platform for edge AI applications

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AI Studio was developed to cut edge AI application deployment complexity, time, and cost> It achieves this by breaking the barriers within existing application development and machine learning operations (MLOps) infrastructure that hinder edge AI deployments. Integrating disparate tools and workflows and introducing many ease-of-use and intelligence features allows AI Studio to qu8icken development and deployment.

“While AI applications are migrating to the Edge with growth projected to outpace that of the Data Center, Edge AI deployments today are complicated by a lack of tools for application development and MLOps,” says Dinakar Munagala, Co-founder and CEO, Blaize. “AI Studio was born of the insights to this problem gained in our earliest proof of concept edge AI hardware customer engagements, as we recognized the need and opportunity for a new class of AI software platform to address the complete end-to-end edge AI operational workflow.”

“AI Studio is open and highly optimized for the AI development landscape that exists across heterogeneous ecosystems at the edge,” says Dmitry Zakharchenko, VP Research & Development, Blaize. “With the AI automation benefits of a truly modern user experience interface, AI Studio serves the unique needs in customers’ edge use cases for ease of application development, deployment, and management, as well as broad usability by both developers and domain expert non-developers.”

Deploying AI Studio with the Blaize AI edge computing hardware makes AI more practical and economical for edge use cases.

“In our work for clients, which may include developing models for quality inspection within manufacturing, identifying stress markers to improve drug trials or even predicting high resolution depth for autonomous vehicles, it is vital that businesses can build unique AI applications that prove their ideas quickly,” says Tim Ensor, Director of AI, Cambridge Consultants. “AI Studio offers innovators the means to achieve this confidence in rapid timeframes, which is a really exciting prospect.” Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Group, helps the world’s biggest brands and most ambitious businesses innovate in AI, including those within the Blaize ecosystem.”

The AI Studio code-free visual interface was developed to be intuitive for a wide range of skill levels. “Hey Blaize” is a feature which summons a contextual intelligent assistant with a knowledge-driven recommendation system that guides users through the workflow.

AI Studio allows the deployment of models with a single click to plug into any workflow across multiple open standards including ONNX, OpenVX, containers, Python, or GStreamer.

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