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Keysight Technologies announced Breach Defense, a security operations (SecOps) platform designed to improve operational security effectiveness. An integral element of the new platform is the Threat Simulator breach and attack simulation solution which enables network and security operations teams to measure the effectiveness of operational security by safely simulating the latest attacks and exploits on live networks.

Threat Simulator solution provides enterprise security operations teams a method for testing security tools to determine their effectiveness in protecting the organization. It provides a continuous, automated security assessment of end-to-end production network security infrastructures, enabling organizations to quickly spot gaps and environment drift of security configurations, which is typically the result of someone in IT or a related group making a change without any malicious intent, while a patented recommendation engine provides clear remediation steps.

In addition to Threat Simulator, Keysight’s Breach Defense SecOps platform includes ThreatARMOR, a threat intelligence gateway. Complementing an existing security infrastructure, ThreatARMOR reduces attack surface by blocking up to 80% of malicious traffic at the source—decreasing the number of security information and event management (SIEM) alerts. ThreatARMOR can: block traffic from known bad IP addresses at line-rate speeds; block malicious IP addresses manually or automatically from SIEM tools; identify and stop infected internal devices from communicating with known botnet C&C servers; block traffic by geography; and block unused IP space / unassigned IP addresses and hijacked domains from a network.

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