New Renesas IP Utilities help quicken development

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IP Utilities solutions include application packages and evaluation kits. They also add to Renesas’ portfolio of IP licenses.

CPUs based on open-source architectures such as RISC-V are growing more popular. Licensing IP for device development helps designers from the cost, time and design risk perspectives. Using Renesas’ new IP Utilities solutions allows developers to shorten development time for their semiconductor devices based on Renesas’ IP.

“Our IP portfolio lineup has grown to include more than 80 offerings since Renesas first entered the IP licensing market in 2018,” said Tetsuya Matsumoto, Vice President, Shared R&D Core IP Division at Renesas. “Where most IP vendors offer only individual IP cores, we are providing developers access to rich IP solutions that includes proven CPUs and peripheral IPs. The introduction of the new IP Utilities opens up opportunities to create new IP markets and further expand our business that benefit from our extensive experience in semiconductor design.”

IP Utilities offerings include:

  • Application packages that allow development of original MCU designs with a short turnaround time

  • Application packages that help implement application-specific functions as part of MCU development. For example, the 12-Axis Motor Control Package allows the implementation of multi-axis motor control, which can be difficult to support in general-purpose MCU products. The base package includes a CPU, peripheral IPs, and motor control IPs, all capable of 12-axis stepping motor control. Developers may customize the system as desired.

Early adopter kit for PIM AI IP

Renesas’ early adopter kit allows the promotion of early phase evaluation of the Processing-in-Memory (PIM) AI accelerator IP, which achieves 8.8 TOPS/W. Support is also available for software development. Developers can use the Raspberry Pi control board to combine PIM functions in a stacked configuration of up to three boards.

IP core configuration simplification tools

New configuration tools can be used to study the specifications of complex IP cores with advanced functionality and optimize their performance. The first configuration tool is for the PCI Express controller core and enables the user to easily perform simulations involving variables and select the optimal configuration.

TCAM front end library to study product specifications

A front-end library for the Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) IP combines advanced functionality and power efficiency. Developers are able to research new solutions with utilized trial TCAM front-end libraries in user-defined configurations.

Equivalent EMC design consulting for devices

The IP Utilities offering includes EMC design consulting that is based on Renesas’ experience of EMC design work. Considering EMC design issues at the start of the system development process, reduces the burden of noise-countermeasure following manufacture.

Renesas will add to its lineup of IP Utilities with future offerings such as an evaluation environment for evaluation of Ethernet TSN performance and an evaluation board mounted with an FPGA incorporating CPU cores.

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